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Our Learning Community


St Mark’s is committed to provide a learning environment that will enable everyone to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to reach their potential. We recognise that all children have individual needs and interests and we want every child to become well rounded, and think creatively and be naturally curious about the world around them.

The School Curriculum

The Curriculum is carefully designed and structured to allow our children to develop skills for life and learning:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • ICT
  • Learning and thinking
  • Personal and emotional

We teach a curriculum which is balanced, cohesive and relevant and enriched with activities to:

  • Develop healthy attitudes to life
  • Promote sustainability and care of the environment
  • Develop curiosity, problem solving skills and resilience
  • Foster an enjoyment and a love of learning


Curriculum Enrichment

Emphasis is placed on learning through firsthand experience to stimulate and extend children’s learning. Every effort is made to enrich the curriculum by extending learning beyond the classroom, organising out of school trips, inviting visiting speakers and utilising the outdoors.

A wide range of school clubs help and encourage children in such areas as the arts, sport, maths, IT and chess.


Foundation Stage

This is made up of Nursery and Reception classes. The curriculum involves active learning through carefully planned play experiences based around different areas of learning.


Eco Schools

Our Green Team is made up of representatives from each year group. This is a proactive group which meets regularly to champion eco and green issues within our school and wider community.


Additional Educational Needs

Sometimes children will need special help provided by our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) as well as the class teacher and other staff. We also recognise the needs of the more able child, whose skills and work must be developed further than other children of their age. We believe that meeting needs as soon as possible serves to improve self esteem and confidence of the child. We work closely with outside agencies such as Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapy and school nurse to seek advice, support and assistance for both teachers and parents. Together following the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and individual education plan (IEP), we can help the child make good progress.


Religious Education

Being a Church of England school in the Diocese of Manchester, we follow the scheme of work recommended by the Diocese. Through this children learn about Christianity, whilst also learning about other world religions.


Collective Worship

Collective Worship and prayer takes place daily and are usually led by staff with the help of the Team Rector and other visitors. Our school very much values its links with St Mark’s Church, where we hold our Christian celebration services. As a church school, we hope that you, as parents and carers, will allow your children to join in this expression of our community life, although it is your legal right to withdraw your child from Collective Worship and Religious Education.

We embrace cultural diversity that exists in the wider community by:

  • Using assemblies to promote awareness
  • Identifying opportunities in subjects and planning for delivery
  • Valuing different cultures through displays and classroom materials
  • Exploring opportunities to bring in visitors and make visits which promote awareness