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A Message from the Chair


Dear Parents and Carers,

On behalf of the Governing Board, welcome to St. Mark’s Church of England Primary School.

Our Mission Statement is:

“A family working and growing together to reach their potential.”

We offer an inclusive learning environment where everyone can experience challenge, enjoyment and respect.  We promote a culture of excellence, equality and high expectations, which embodies spiritual growth and lifelong learning within a caring, Church of England setting.

At St. Mark’s Church of England Primary School governors, staff, parents and children work as a team, building on success, in an atmosphere of care where everyone feels valued.  We are proud of the high standards our pupils achieve across the curriculum.

As Governors we become involved with a variety of issues including finance, pupil welfare, safeguarding, building/grounds maintenance and staff appointments. However, without a doubt, we consider that our most important role is to monitor the welfare and education of the pupils.

We are justifiably proud of the children in our school. In addition, this is an opportunity for me to thank all the parents who encourage and support their children so admirably. In a good school, such as ours, parents take a great interest in their child’s learning. During the early years of primary education academic, personal, social and creative skills are nurtured and developed.

Governors are appointed to ensure that objectives are met and that planning for the future is both visionary and realistic. We are here to support and encourage the Headteacher and all school personnel so that children have access to an enriched education and the opportunities they deserve. 

Thank you to all involved for their hard work and continued commitment.

With my best wishes


Carmen Allington

Chair of Governors