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Admission Arrangements





Admissions to the school are the responsibility of the governing body. The local authority will manage the admission process. Parents of children wishing to enter St Mark’s should make an application directly to the Local Authority.

The following agreement between the governors, the Diocese of Manchester and the local authority lays down the criteria for admissions and procedures to be followed. 

Parents can find all admissions information and also apply online at:



School Capacity 

The capacity of the school including Nursery is 420. The school is organised into 15 classes which includes the Nursery and Reception classes. Key Stage 1 which includes Year 1 and Year 2. Key Stage 2 which includes Year 3, 4, 5, and 6.

The school standard admission number is 30 children for Nursery, 60 children for Reception and Year 1 to Year 5, 45 children for Year 6.


Please click on the link below to print off a copy of the appropriate form – thank you.


St Marks CE Primary 2019-20 New Admissions Policy_28-02-18.pdf


Church Attendance Reference_12-09-18.pdf







If you don't have adobe reader installed on your computer you can download a free copy from the adobe website.