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Pupil Health & Welfare


We try to create a healthy and safe learning environment for your child to work and play in.


Caring for our children

Each child is under the care and guidance of the class teacher. Children also come into contact with other teachers and adults during the course of the day. Children and staff get to know each other well and build good relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We ask parents to let us know if any family circumstances change or if a child is worried about anything in school. Older children are encouraged to look after younger children.

Occasionally, children may become unwell at school. In all cases we will endeavour to make contact with the parent were possible or with another point of contact. Parental consent forms are issued at the start of each academic year.

Where children may be taking medicines a designated member of staff will administer medication. A permission form, giving details of dosage, etc. has to be completed before any medication can be administered. These forms are available from the school office.

All medicines should be brought to the school office in a morning and the child should go to the office when they need to take their medicine. No medicine should be kept in the child’s classroom, cloakroom, bag or coat.

Every effort is made to ensure the safety of children at school. Should an accident occur, First Aid will be given by a qualified First Aider. If an accident involves a bump on the head, we shall contact parents by telephone.


Child Protection

The school has a Child Protection Policy which has been agreed by the Governing Body. Staff have a duty of care to report any concerns which will be dealt with sensitively and swiftly in accordance with the policy.

Children are taught internet safety and safe use of mobile telephones in accordance with the schools E-safety policy.