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Parental Involvement

We strive to engage and help parents and carers in actively supporting their child’s learning and development as we believe that parents/carers and school are partners in the education of children. Together, we can enhance learning at school and at home.

We actively encourage parental involvement in the classroom and have a large group of parents who volunteer their time and enthusiasm to enrich the experiences of our children. To help in school we must request that a criminal records bureau check (CRB) is undertaken, please come into the office to arrange this.

We also have a Parent Council, which is a body of parents who help the school to make decisions on different aspects of provision.

The best gift you can give your child is to spend quality time with them. Your child’s teacher will be able to advise you on ways you can support and help your child at home. Meetings are organised throughout the course of the year so that you may have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress.


Concerns or Complaints

If you are worried or concerned regarding any matter connected with school a talk with the teacher, key stage leader, deputy or head teacher will hopefully sort it out.

Complaints concerning what your child is taught, behaviour in school or other issues should be made to the Head Teacher in the first instance but can, at a later date, be referred to the school governors.

Details of the complaints procedure are available upon request from the school office.