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February 2020

Newsletter - 14th February 2020_14-02-20.pdf

Newsletter - 7th February 2020_07-02-20.pdf

January 2020

Newsletter - 31st January 2020_31-01-20.pdf

Newsletter - 24th January 2020_24-01-20.pdf

Newsletter - 17th January 2020_17-01-20.pdf

Mrs Mansfield's January 2020 Newsletter_06-01-20.pdf

December 2019

Mrs Mansfield's Newsletter December 2019_19-12-19.pdf

Newsletter - 11th December 2019_11-12-19.pdf

November 2019

Newsletter - 28th November 2019_28-11-19.pdf

Newsletter - 22nd November 2019_22-11-19.pdf

Newsletter - 14th November 2019_14-11-19.pdf

Newsletter - 8th November 2019_08-11-19.pdf

Newsletter - 1st November 2019_01-11-19.pdf


October 2019

Newsletter - 10th October 2019_10-10-19.pdf

Mrs Mansfield's 1st October Newsletter_02-10-19.pdf

Headlice Policy 2019_02-10-19.pdf

September 2019

Newsletter No 2 - 27th September 2019_27-09-19.pdf

Weekly News No 1 - 16th September 2019_16-09-19.pdf

KS2 School Choir_05-09-19.pdf

Mrs Mansfield's Start of Year Newsletter_05-09-19.pdf


July 2019

Weekly News and Year End Reminders_17-07-19.pdf

Mr Kay's July Newsletter_15-07-19.pdf

Weekly News - 4th July 2019_04-07-19.pdf

June 2019

Weekly News - 27th June 2019_27-06-19.pdf

Weekly News - 20th June 2019_20-06-19.pdf

Weekly News - 13th June 2019_13-06-19.pdf

Weekly News - 7th June 2019_07-06-19.pdf

May 2019

Weekly News - 23rd May 2019_23-05-19.pdf

Mr Kay's May Newsletter_16-05-19.pdf

Weekly News - 8th May 2019_08-05-19.pdf

April 2019

Mr Kay's April Newsletter_16-04-19.pdf

March 2019

Weekly News No 20 - 29th March 2019_28-03-19.pdf

Weekly News No 19 - 21st March 2019_21-03-19.pdf

Weekly News No 18 - 14th March 2019_14-03-19.pdf

Weekly News No 17 - 7th March 2019_07-03-19.pdf

February 2019

Weekly News No 16 - 27th February 2019_27-02-19.pdf

Mr Kay's February Newsletter Part 2_14-02-19.pdf

Weekly News No 15 - 13th February 2019_13-02-19.pdf

School Meal Price Increase April 2019_13-02-19.pdf

Mr Kay's February Newsletter Part 1_07-02-19.pdf

Encompass Parents Awareness Letter_07-02-19.pdf

January 2019

Weekly News No 14 - 31st January 2019_31-01-19.pdf

Weekly News No 13 - 24th January 2019_24-01-19.pdf

Mr Kay's January Newsletter 2019_17-01-19.pdf

Weekly News No 12 - 10th January 2019_10-01-19.pdf

December 2018

Mr Kay's Christmas Newsletter 2018_20-12-18.pdf

Weekly News No 11 - 13th December 2018_13-12-18.pdf

Weekly News No 10 - 6th December 2018_06-12-18.pdf

November 2018

Weekly News No 9 - 29th November 2018_29-11-18.pdf

Norovirus poster - Salford CCG_29-11-18.pdf

Weekly News No 8 - 22nd November 2018_22-11-18.pdf

Weekly News No 7 - 15th November 2018_15-11-18.pdf

Weekly News No 6 - 8th November 2018_08-11-18.pdf

Weekly News No 5 - 1st November 2018_01-11-18.pdf

October 2018

Mr Kay's Newsletter - 18th October 2018_18-10-18.pdf

Weekly News No 4 - 12th Oct 2018_11-10-18.pdf

Weekly News No 3 - 5th Oct 2018_05-10-18.pdf

September 2018

Weekly News No 2 - 28th Sept 2018_28-09-18.pdf

Weekly News 20th September 2018_20-09-18.pdf

Mr Kay's newsletter September 5th 2018_12-09-18.pdf


July 2018

Mr Kay's Newsletter 20th July_24-07-18.pdf

May 2018

Mr Kay's Newsletter 24th May 2018_11-06-18.pdf

March 2018

Mr Kay's Newsletter 29th March_29-03-18.pdf

January 2018

Mr Kay's Newsletter 26th January 2018_29-01-18.pdf

December 2017

Mr Kay's Newsletter Christmas 2017_29-01-18.pdf

November 2017

Mr Kay's Newsletter 23rd November_23-11-17.pdf

October 2017

Mr Kay's Newsletter 19th October_19-10-17.pdf

September 2017

Newsletter 21st September_21-09-17.pdf

Newsletter and September Diary Dates_21-09-17.pdf


July 2017

Mr Kay's July Newsletter_19-07-17.pdf

May 2017

Mr Kay's May Newsletter_24-05-17.pdf

 March 2017

Mr Kay's March Newsletter_30-03-17.pdf

An Invitation to Join Earth Hour_24-03-17.pdf

February 2017

Mr Kay's February Newsletter_16-02-17.pdf

NSPCC Sponsorship Challenge_23-02-17.pdf

World Book Day Lunch_23-02-17.pdf

Readathon and World Book Day_23-02-17.pdf

 January 2017

January Newsletter and Diary Dates_12-01-17.pdf

December 2016

Languages Day 16 Dec 2016_08-12-16.pdf

8th December 2016_08-12-16.pdf

KS2 Christmas Concert Arrangements 19th December_05-12-16.pdf

Optional Christmas Jumper Day 14th December_05-12-16.pdf

November 2016

Cross Country_30-11-16.pdf

PTA Christmas Fair on Friday 2nd Dec_30-11-16.pdf

Mr Kay's November Newsletter_29-11-16.pdf

24th November 2016_29-11-16.pdf

17th November 2016_17-11-16.pdf

Costume Donations_16-11-16.pdf

Easyfundraising Update_16-11-16.pdf

Personalised Christmas Baubles_16-11-16.pdf

Children In Need Cupcake Sale_16-11-16.pdf

Year 3 activities w-c 14th Nov 2016_16-11-16.pdf

PTA Christmas Fair Donations and Non Uniform Day_10-11-16.pdf

Spring Term Milk Orders_16-11-16.pdf

Christmas Lunch 2016_08-11-16.pdf

Toy Donations Welcome_08-11-16.pdf

Raise Funds for School with EasyFundraising_07-11-16.pdf

October 2016

October Newsletter (21.10.16)_24-10-16.pdf

Forthcoming Diary Dates Autumn Term 2_01-11-16.pdf

September 2016 

Salford Primary School Cross Country Races 2016_27-09-16_12-10-16.pdf

WoW letter for parents 2016_28-09-16.pdf

Forthcoming Diary Dates_27-09-16.pdf

Book Fair on 3rd Oct_26-09-16.pdf

Access during staircase renovation_22-09-16.pdf

Individual Photograph Day_22-09-16.pdf

Parents letter 2 sept 16_20-09-16.pdf

September Newsletter (7.9.16)_07-09-16.pdf


July 2016

July Newsletter - 14th July 2016_14-07-16.pdf

June 2016

Changes to ParentPay_29-06-16.pdf

Reminder - Non-Uniform Day and Coffee Morning on 1st July_29-06-16.pdf

Year 6 Diary Dates_29-06-16.pdf

Summer Festival Tickets_29-06-16.pdf

Annual Photography Competition_29-06-16.pdf

Arrangements for Reception Sports Afternoon_15-06-16.pdf

Arrangements for Nursery Sports Afternoon and Crocodile Joes Visit_15-06-16.pdf

Euro 2016 Day on Thursday 16th June_13-06-16.pdf

May 2016

Book Fair After School on Monday 23rd May_16-05-16.pdf

May Newsletter and Diary Dates_11-05-16.pdf

Nursery Closed on Friday 8th July_16-05-16.pdf

EYFS and Y6 Class Photographs on Monday 23rd May_16-05-16.pdf

Nursery and Reception Summer Party_16-05-16.pdf

March 2016

Message from Mr Kay_23-03-16.pdf

One Way System_23-03-16.pdf

Parent letter march 16_11-03-16.pdf

February 2016

PTA Roe Green Easter Egg Hunt 26th March_29-02-16.pdf

PTA Non Uniform Day on 11th March_29-02-16.pdf

Diary Dates Feb-March 2016_25-02-16.pdf

real easter egg comp_11-02-16.pdf

January 2016

Newsletter and Diary Dates January 2016_28-01-16.pdf

Cross Country Training_12-01-16.pdf

Musical Theatre Club_12-01-16.pdf

KS1 Parent Maths Workshop on 9th February_12-01-16.pdf

KS1 Parent Phonics Workshop on 18th January_12-01-16.pdf

Parent Maths Workshops on 9th February_12-01-16.pdf

New Year Service & Home School Agreement_12-01-16.pdf

St Marks CE Primary (3) docx codebug (2)_12-01-16.pdf

December 2015

End of Term Message from Mr Kay_12-01-16.pdf

Optional Christmas Jumper Day_14-12-15.pdf

Christmas Performance DVD Orders_10-12-15.pdf

ReLaunch of St Marks Parent Council_08-12-15.pdf

KS1 Diary Dates Dec 2015_07-12-15.pdf


November 2015

Wood Street Mission Donations_25-11-15.pdf

St Marks Church Christmas Tree Fesitval_25-11-15.pdf

PTA Christmas Fair - 4th December_25-11-15.pdf

Christmas Diary Dates_25-11-15.pdf

Tree Felling at Church Car Park_25-11-15.pdf

Lower Juniors - Cooking and Party Day_25-11-15.pdf

KS2 Christmas concert in St Marks Church_25-11-15.pdf

Reminder to Year 6 parents_25-11-15.pdf

Norovirus poster - Salford CCG_25-11-15.pdf

KS2 Christmas Concert - 7 Dec_24-11-15.pdf

Christmas Cards_17-11-15.pdf

November 2015 Newsletter and Diary Dates_12-01-16.pdf

October 2015

Fundraising Thank You_17-11-15.pdf

Parking Outside School_17-11-15.pdf

Parental Questionnaire_17-11-15.pdf

Photograph Orders_17-11-15.pdf

Life Education Day_17-11-15.pdf

September 2015

Bikes on playground_17-11-15.pdf

Letter 25.9.15_17-11-15.pdf

KS1 Flu Vaccination_17-11-15.pdf

Eco Bags For Sale - 24.9.15_17-11-15.pdf

Mr Kays Newsletter - 3 9 15_17-11-15.pdf