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Reading Schemes



In EYFS and Key Stage 1 a synthetic phonics programme is delivered. This consists of daily 20 minutes phonic workshops. The children are spilt into groups according to their phonic knowledge to ensure that they make progress in their learning.

The Letters and Sounds Document provides the structure for the teaching sequence. This is supplemented up to phase 2 with the actions from Jolly Phonics.



All the children in school have access to the reading scheme in school. The reading scheme is comprised of books from a range of different publishers, including Oxford University Press (Oxford Reading Tree, Non-Fiction, Chucklers, Classics and Project X), Collins (Big Cat), and Usborne.

The books are spilt into Book Bands based on their decoding and understanding level. The children are then given access to the band which best suits their ability.

The teaching of reading is not simply equipping the children with the skills to read the words on the page. They are also taught to understand the text on a deeper level using inferential and deduction skills. It is our aim to foster a love of reading and encourage children to become life-long readers! 


Year 6 Information for Parents

Please see below information prepared for the reading workshop which took place on Tuesday 2nd Feb at 10am.

I hope you find this information useful and the question starters valuable to help you supporting your child’s reading at home.



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